Minnan Hui LTD is a London based fashion design company that offers bespoke creative fashion design and private haute couture to individual and companies.  MINNANHUI is a new fashion label set up by designer Minnan Hui in Sep 2013.

MINNANHUI provides high-end fashion design to niche market as well as general market. MINNANHUI focus on womenswear &accessorize. MINNANHUI’s collection is a great combination of color and unique structure, hand drawing mix with digital vision made very interesting print design, 3D structures always make the garment different in each movement.

In 2014 October, MINNANHUI studio received invitation from Brighton fashion week; successful showed the first collection “ the Life Mark”. The show received from buyers around the world, photographers and cooperative magazine's request, the famous British rock singer KATE NASH also wear a MINANNHUI spring / summer 2015 for her music activities at nest bird in china. In Taiwan, MINNANHUI clothing is very popular, there have been chooses by many famous Chinese actress and singer, including: Jolin, Lan Qin, Freya Lim, Claire, Vivian Hsu, Ding Dang and so on.MINNANHUI Autumn/winter 2015, the first London fashion week show was hosting by Fashion Scout in February 2015.  

MINNANHUI spring / summer 2016 collection will be hosting by Fashion Scout in the coming September London Fashion Week.


Designer Minnan Hui is graduate as BA First-Class Honours and showing in CSM Graduation Fashion Show in 2013. Her graduate collection – voluminous flamenco-like dresses topped with spindly, sculptural headpieces – embodied her fashion-meets-architecture philosophy. Minnan Hui’s dresses appeared elaborately ruffled and layered, but were inspired by a deceptively uncomplicated type of construction: The “triangle shape”, “layering”, and “the two-dimension cut” using different scales of flower pattern with interior space build up a special 3D look.

Her graduate collection was selected by BOF as one of the top 6 in CSM BA fashion show. She was also selected by Texprint 2013, exhibited her collection in indigo Paris, Italy, and London, successfully get into the European market. She worked at John Galliano, Mcqueen, Mary Katranzton and Como Italy for short internship. Being constantly active in the center of fashion design industry enabled her approbated by the industry and competitive market nowadays.

For instance, Miss Minnan’s design has been used in a number photo shoots in many magazine, such as: other magazine, ID China. Many of famous actor or singer has borrowed Minnan’s design for music Video, magazine photo shoots, such as: Lady gaga, Grayson Perry.

During studying at CSM, Miss Minnan was awarded in many projects: In 2011, she was awarded the winner in liberty arts fabrics & central saint martin’s annual collaboration- The best sketchbook award. She was also awarded the Runner-up winner in Grayson Perry project.

Minnan Hui sale her graduated print to the world famous brand Nike. Also received much cooperation from the world buyers, including Dubai, Taiwan, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland.